Print Services

Print Finishing and Bindery

Want your presentation to look its best? Add the final touches to your printed project with our array of sleek, professional print finishing and bindery options. Cerlox and coil binding, lamination, saddle stitching, we do it all!

Print Finishing, Stitching, and Binding Services

Cut, fold, score, bind, laminate, or custom-finish any printed project with Print Three Downtown Toronto’s print finishing and binding services. 

Quality print finishing and bindery elevates your printed booklets, documents, presentations, and other projects to professional status, reflecting the calibre of your work. Go that extra mile with a finish or binding that’s perfectly suited to your project, and showcase something you can feel proud of.

Print Three Richmond-Adelaide Centre offers all your in-demand printing and bindery services:

• Book binding
• Cerlox binding
• Spiral coil binding
• Scoring
• Perforating
• Twin-Loop
• Die-cutting
• Custom collating
• Laminating services
• Mounting

• Numbering
• Perforating
• Trimming
• Round cornering
• Saddle stitching
• Perfect binding
• Padding
• Single or multiple stapling
• Square back binding
• 1, 2, 3 and 4- hole drill

From design to finishing and binding, Print Three’s digital print team can manage each aspect of your print project. Get in touch today to put your ideas into print.